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Tombs from roughly the Amarna period in King's Valley

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 1:17 pm    Post subject: Tombs from roughly the Amarna period in King's Valley Reply with quote

[quote="kmt_sesh]On the subject of Ay's original tomb, it's believed that the private tomb in which Tut was buried was originally his. This is what Thomas Mudloff mentioned to me. I had thought that the royal tomb where Ay was buried in the West Valley was originally meant for Tut, but I got it backwards. It had never been meant for Tut, but the private tomb had been meant for Ay. [/quote]

That's definitely a possibility. Tut's tomb really does look like the tomb of a non-royal. Royal tombs were built along a main axis, and Tut's tomb is definitely not of that form.

Aye's tomb is actually quite large. It doesn't look to me as though you can just build that in a couple of years? (Not sure about that)

I was looking through the tombs as decribed by the Theban Mapping project. There are quite a few non-royal tombs in the valley of the Kings.
There is one near the tomb of King Aye which is thought to be an abandoned royal tomb from the end of the 18th dynasty. KV25 is thought to be royal. It consists of an entryway and a part of a corridor. It was later used in the 21th and 22nd dynasty to inter some 8 mummies. It dates roughly to the Amarna period though. Some think that this tomb was started for Akhenaten, but abandoned when he went to Amarna.

Something that's also interesting is KV54. This is referred to as Tutankhamen's cache:
Soon after the burial of King Tutankhamen, his tomb (KV 62) was robbed at least twice. After it was first robbed, objects found in the entrance corridor were removed and reburied in KV 54. The entrance of KV 62 was then filled up with limestone chippings and resealed.

Amarna period tombs:

KV23 - Aye
KV25 - Maybe started by Akhenaten?
KV54 - Tutankhamen's cache
KV55 - Smenkhare or Akhenaten? (originally said to be Tiye's tomb)
KV62 - Tutankhamen

If you define the Amarna period more broadly to include Horemheb (not really Amarna, but he is related to that period) and the latter years of Amenhotep III (in the case of a co-regency, that IS the Amarna period)
then there are some more tombs that fit with the group.

KV46 - Yuya and Tuya
KV57 - Horemheb
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