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The three foreign wives of Thutmosis III
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2005 9:53 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here in the Chicago this summer we've had all of the heat and none of the rain. It's been well into the 90s much of the summer and very humid, but it never seems to rain. We have had some rain these past couple of days, and it's the most I've seen all summer. I hate this heat. It's been nice the past couple of days with the overcast, and if it requires lots of clouds to stay cool, I say bring on the clouds!

You're welcome to our Chicago heat, too, Rozette. I want none of it! And thanks for the web link to Shenhur. Very interesting stuff and I'm enjoying a perusal of it in between posts. What a fascinating place to do a dig.

Lots of people don't see much interest in pottery shards, but they don't understand how incredibly valuable those little pieces of ceramic are. You're right, every little piece tells a story--great way to put it. It was Petrie who really turned the study of these shards into the incredibly informative science it has become. That man was a visionary.

But not everyone is all that interested, like I said. My coordinator and friend, Bob, at the Field likes to tell a story about a lecture on Predynastic Egypt he attended. The lecturer was the eminent scholar and Egyptologist Frank Yurko, a longtime consultant at our museum. This great man died not long ago. His special field of study was the life and times of Merenptah, but he was well versed in all sorts of fields.

Anyway, Yurko was giving this lecture and was showing hundreds of slides of Predynastic pottery shards, the same types that Petrie had studied. It was dark in the room for the slide show, and when the presentation ended, Yurko called out, "Okay, Bob. Lights, please." Nothing happened. "Bob? Can you get the lights?" Still nothing happened.

Eventually someone else turned the lights back on. The lights revealed that Bob could not possibly have turned them back on himself because he and about half of the rest of the class were fast asleep! Very Happy

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