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Linguistic similarities from Ancient to Modern Egypt

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 2:39 pm    Post subject: Linguistic similarities from Ancient to Modern Egypt Reply with quote

Although I think that I have touched on this issue once before in a post as my memory serves, but I have found some extra information about this. What I have found out makes me want to earn hierogyphics and the actual Ancient Egyptian language so I can identify the surely many other similarities in ancient Egyptian and modern Egyptian language.

One similarity I found was truly shocking, it was the worst word you can say in Egypt now, it is nk(nek). Which means sex, or the act of sex which just happens to start with an 'f' and end with a 'uck'. It seems that the ancients used that word as well with the hierogyohs for that sound and phallus beside it as an indicator. I know, that I have used this word about 10,000 times to insut my friends, so, it was extremely interesting that the worst word you can think of can have very very deep roots.

Another word is "st" or set which turned out to mean woman in ancient egyptian. And as it turns out to be that this is the same word we use in Egypt today and hopefully for many years to come that means woman. I have looked in the Arabic Dictionary for a word or an origin of a word that had "set" in it with the meaning of a woma, but with no avail. Which left me with the conclusion that sure enough we have adapted this word from the ancients and we still very very frequently use it without knowing the similarities. If you look at other Arab nations, they don't use the same word for woman at all, in fact they use an Arabic word like "mara" or "mar'a".

Then, I realized another word while I was checking out www.hieroglyphs.net . It was the word "wr" which means great. That gave me a flashback to how people who sell vegetables and fruits on the street in Egypt and what they used to call out. They used to say stuff like "fegl ya wr wr" and without know what "wr" means they just use the word. This sentence roughly means "this radish is great". Also, i think i have heard Hawass mention that same word on an interview he made in Egypt, but I just found out what it meant today.

All of this came to me as a great surprise. This is a huge piece of evidence against the naysayers or afrocentrics that believe that the ancient Egyptian aren't the same people that inhabit Egypt today. I trust that there is a greater list of words that have similarities other than these that I don't know about. Any thought on these, or does anybody know any words that have similarities between modern and ancient Egypt ???

(btw, sorry for the long thread, but i haven't made threads in quite a while)
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

the dialects spoken in Siwa Dakhla, Farafra and Kharga are very similar to ancient Egyptian. We still use the same words for tree, water, elder, many words and terms are identical
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