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My version of the Sun hymn

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 11:44 pm    Post subject: My version of the Sun hymn Reply with quote

When you rise at daybreak all the world is content and tranquil.
The only sound to be heard is your gentle breath as it sails over the earth giving life to all beings.
The trees begin to whisper through their rustling leaves,
All winged insects and birds take to the sky to feel the heat of your loving rays.
All diurnal creatures rise along with you as the world awakens each day.

Fish and amphibians glide smoothly beneath the surface of the crystal blue waters that you have given them. Turtles swim to the river's top to bask in your all loving rays.
All plants awaken at your first light, they drowsily open up to you petal by petal until they are staring straight into the bright sky. You offer them a soothing and soaking rain to quench their long thirst. The water droplets gracefully run down their leaves slowly dripping in a relaxing rhythmic sound to absorb into earth's land before flowing up into their roots. As the smell of moisture hangs in the air, you maintain the whole natural order of life that you have created on your own.

When you cast your golden rays upon the world,
I lay myself on the land directly beneath them to stay there for hours each day.
I reflect upon the true beauty of nature as your radiant light shines upon me and fills my soul with happiness, as I absorb your heat I feel rejuvenated mentally and physically.
I am at peace with all as I revel in all the beauty and greatness that you have endowed this world alone with.

You nurture all living and non-living things with your heat and light equally.
You favor not one form above another for they all are unique in their own right.
You are the creator and sustainer of all earth and its contents.
You have glittered from high above in the sky since the very beginning,
and will do so for all eternity as the sands of time continue to flow.
You are the all-knowing, loving, driving force of all things and time,
You are the living disk of the Sun.
"You made heaven far away just to rise in it, to see all you make, Being unique and risen in your aspects of being as 'living Aten' manifest, shining, far yet near".
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