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New Kingdom Poet

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 9:31 pm    Post subject: New Kingdom Poet Reply with quote

In reference to the tombs of the egyptians a poet from the new kingdom wrote;

"Their Portals and mansions have crumbled,
Their mortuary-priests have vanished,
Their tombstones covered with dirt,
Their graves forgotten.
yet their name is pronounced over their books,
which they composed whilst they had being"

Thats from chester beatty papyrus 4 and I found it while revising about old kingdom pyramid towns. Isn't it strange how at the time when ancient egyptians were alive they still had problems with conserving their tombs that were meant to last forever. Obviously some of the planning hadnt been planned very well, the Neferkare pyramid complex for example, its town roofs had to be repaired by the priests as the columns were made of wood and termites had attacked it.
And even the priest, Prince Khaemwase, did his duty as he was a stickler for tradition. An inscription was found on Unas' pyramid saying;

" inscribed the name of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Unas, since it was not found on the face of the pyramid, because the priest khaemwase loved to restore the monuments of the kings of upper and lower Egypt"

aaaw isn't that nice of him Smile respectful of his very very very distant ancestors a few times removed... Laughing
The ways things are going though, with that report that even UNESCO protected pyramid sites are in danger of being damaged by suburbia etc, these settlements and even settlement which havnt been discovered are goin to disappear because they arent being looked after. Maybe there has been too much focus on the monuments and not enough on the places where people lived...all we seem to have for comparison are "outstanding examples" which are usually for specialised communites and we're told weren't a model for all egyptian towns.
Don't really know why im writing this, i guess revision and finding these inscriptions made me excited and then i went into the descent of rambling about protecting sites...sorry im just trying to develop my argument for my exam Wink

anyway to get back to the topic...wow aren't textual sources a wonderful insight into the lives of these amazing people! Very Happy
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