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Osiris making Anubis seems useless?
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is a common assumption/belief (I have come to find) amongst many followers of the Modern Kemetic Faith, that cremation is 'ok' because you still have a body on earth; it's just ash. I personally do not agree with this statement or belief; especially if you are going to call yourself Kemetic.

I have to comply with that, if you are a follower of Kemetic belief, you have to make preparations for the afterlife. In order to reach the afterlife the A.E. believed the body had to remain intact. But, (there is always a “but”, members who know me by now, won't be surprised): In case something would happen to the body, they made substitutes like lifelike statues, e.g. the wooden statue of Ka-Aper a priest from the 5th dynasty, the famous wooden statue of the Ka of king Hor (13th dynasty). And then you have the so called reserve heads dating from the 4th dynasty. Their purpose is not entirely clear; the name comes from the prevalent theory first put forward, in 1903, by the German Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt that the head was to serve as an alternate home for the spirit of the dead owner should anything happen to its body. This is still discussed amongst Egyptologists. And one can even go further, the preservation of any depiction and/or name of a deceased is enough to continue in afterlife, this is a pure magical aspect of A.E. religion. Hence the saying, even in our time “he whose name is remembered never dies (read: lives on)”

Anubis was the guardian of the dead; and yes, he was the embalmer. This belief arose from the famous myth in which it is Anubis who embalms his father Osiris in Linen to keep his dismembered body together which Isis had re-built. It was truth not the act of the mummification which brought Osiris back to life, it was the 'Breath of Life' which Isis breathed into his corpse after death. This 'Breath of Life' 'rejuvenated' Osiris.

Concerning the burial and resurrection of Osiris, there were much more Gods and Goddesses involved than just Anubis and Isis. On the walls of the temple of Denderah are a very interesting group of 23 scenes preserved connected with the story of the dead and resurrection of the God.

Budge The Gods of the Egyptians vol II, p.130 – 138, also Mariette, Dendérah, tom. iv, pl 65, Paris, 1873
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