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The Pharaohs on the web

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 4:58 pm    Post subject: The Pharaohs on the web Reply with quote

Cairo and Torino, the Pharaohs on the Web. Who wants to visit Egypt without to move from house, without having to sgomitare between migliaia of tourists grows hot and children and guides to you to the perennial conquest of “bakshish”, can make it being connected on Internet to www.eternalegypt.org, probably best the situated one dedicated to the egizie antiquities. Planned from IBM of understanding with the authorities Egyptians and the wide contribution of Italian technicians, it not only concurs to see all the wonders guarded to the museum of the Cairo, but also to carry out situated various visits guided in the archaeological ones, to enter exactly in the tomba of Tutankhamon exploring it com' was when Howard Carter entered to you for first in 1922 or to see the face of the Sfinge com' was before that the time and the practices of the artillery of Napoleone the deturpassero ones. To this extraordinary virtual collection of reperti of the more fascinating and mysterious civilization of the antiquity, of it one will join soon an other, that one guarded to the Egizio di Torino. The director of the museum, Eleni Vassilika, will tomorrow sign to the Cairo with the director of the Center of Cultural and Natural Heritage Egyptian, Fathi Saleh, an agreement based on which the collections of the Turinese museum will go to integrate those present ones on “eternalegypt”. It is before the time that the authorities Egyptians concur a mixture - even if only virtual - of reperti guarded in other countries with that they find in Egypt and the museum of Turin it has been chosen just because he compensates perfectly some deficiencies of that one of the Cairo. “We have - Eleni Vassilika says - important papyruses and splendid objects of daily life as those find again to you in the tomba of Kha. Also the statue of Tut with the God Amon is one rarity. We will photograph and put online approximately 250 objects having chosen them between those more important and are sure that this plan will very increase the visibility international of the museum”. The arguments on which it is the more important museum egizio of the world after that one of the Cairo go ahead for a long time. Someone says the Louvre, others the British, little says Turin. “I do not have doubts - Alain Elkann supports, president of the Foundation of the Egizio -. Our museum has characteristics much similar to those of the Cairo, while Louvre and British are famous for with of their collections and not for the part egizia. This new agreement is a technological innovation and divulgativa a lot important and confirmation that the ties between Turin and the Cairo are more and more solid”. Rewarded like better situated web for the cultural contents, Eternal Egypt concurs moreover of having information on palmare or the cellular one during the visit of the situated museum of the Cairo or of some archaeological ones. When the agreement will become operating, also the Turinese museum could be visited “virtually” with the aid of a esplicativo medical report comment every. “Our experience - Angelo Failla asserts, director of Foundation IBM - says to us that these virtual visits do not make to diminish the incomes to the museums, but they increase concurring with the public to carry out the visit with greater preparation. We are proud of having favorite this agreement between Turin and the Cairo, that it follows the new strategy of IBM in the within of the cultural assets: not only mecenatismo, but partnership that they open always new technological challenges and they concur of globalizzare the acquaintance”. Wink Smile
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Queen of Egypt
Queen of Egypt

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If I read it correctly this is an article about the addition of items from the Turin Museum to the eternal egypt website.

Click here for the English version of Eternal Egypt

The site has a wonderful collection of images.

I don't see a link to the Turin museum (yet). But it would be nice to see their artefacts.

[Moderators note: please provide links to online articles. Copying the entire articles takes up a lot of space and can be hard to read in this format.]
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