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The solar boat of Cheope

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 10:51 am    Post subject: The solar boat of Cheope Reply with quote

The solar boat of Cheope is one of the more ancient boats of the world. It was discovered from the archeologi in 1954 in the flat one of El-Ghiza, in one fossa on the side south of the Great pyramid. Enclosed in a room watertight sealed, the boat was decomposed in 1224 pieces, whose wood has been conserved intact in order more than 4600 years. In order to reconstruct it 13 years have been necessary. Long approximately 43 meters, it has five addles for side more two to breast, with function of rudders and, from 1982, it is exposed in a created museum purposely to flank of the Great pyramid. Little after an other boat was discovered that but, because of its bad conditions of conservation, have been left inside of the “original gallery”. One of the questions to which has been attempted, tutt'ora uselessly, of giving answer is which it was the function of these boats. In the reliefs of ancient Egypt often similar boats are represented. In a tomba of Deir el Bersha it has been found a boat model that brings the reproduction of one mummia in travel towards the interment. The egittologi they incline in believing that also Khufu has been transported towards the tomba on a similar funeraria boat (in effects would seem that the boat has been used in navigation). It remains however the problem in order which reason would have been buried to therefore little distance from an other boat of the same type. And, moreover, because to cut it in 1224 pieces instead burying it entire? Also to these interrogated to you it is not resolutions to giving an answer, considering also that the “solar boats” are present since the first Dynasties and they are found again also in the IV; they lack, instead, completely in III (the Huni), and in the first monarch of IV the dynasty, Snefru). To this question the egittologia is not still in a position to giving sure answers. Wanting to give religious and symbolic meaning to the tumulazione of the boat, some problems rise. The witnesses of the pyramids, written beginning from the end of V the dynasty, make reference to two visions of the oltretomba. Before, that most ancient one, describes a stellar rebirth of the monarch and the fact that its ka would have become one star of the Duat, one star of the constellation of Orione. The second one exposes, instead, the new religious creed, that it indicated the oltretomba to the West, where every day the Sun tramonta. It is obvious that the witnesses of the pyramids risentono of the theology of Ra and the creed that the monarch, after its resurrezione, would have followed the orbit of the Sun in processione behind the boats of of the All the egittologi are agree in thinking that this cult became important with Khafra above all, fourth monarch of IV the dynasty. It comes, therefore, to falling the hypothesis of the “solar boat”; in fact, if before Khafra the spirits of the monarchs were destined, as the witnesses of the Pyramids say, to fly in the Duat, the region of Orione, for rinascere like stars, succeed difficult to define the role of one “solar boat”. To the state they of the acquaintances, tied to the chance of the archaeological ritrovamenti puts into effect, is not possible to give sure answers. Smile
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