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Discovery a new boundary stela "H"

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 8:13 am    Post subject: Discovery a new boundary stela "H" Reply with quote

Discovery a new boundary stela

Akhenaten marked the edges of his city with a series of large tablets
carved into the desert hillsides that face towards the Nile. On each
tablet was incised his foundation decrees, in lines of hieroglyphs.
Beside many of the tablets statues of Akhenaten, Nefertiti and some of
his daughters were carved as well. Although some had been known for
many years, the first person to seek out the complete set was Flinders
Petrie who methodically tramped around the city limits in the winter of
1891–2, and eventually located fourteen. A fifteenth was identified
shortly afterwards. All were given their own capital Latin letter to
identify them.
More than a century later we can report on the existence of a sixteenth. It was
spotted by Helen Fenwick during her survey and mapping of the desert plain
in which she has far exceeded the great Petrie in areas covered on foot. It lies
on the line of stelae which cross the broad flat valley in the south-east part of
Amarna, some distance below and to the south-west of stela R. At the back of
a wide niche a raised tablet has been carved, and beside it the rough shape of
a statue pair is evident. The rock is soft and full of coin-like fossils. It can
never have been carved with hieroglyphs. Did the sculptors, as so often at
Amarna, coat the surfaces with gypsum and carve into that?
The niche is still partly filled with sand which someone in the past has dug
over. Sherds, stone tools and pieces of stone furniture have been brought to
the surface. The niche is therefore in itself an archaeological site, perhaps with
remains from a work-camp, to be properly excavated in the future.
The new stela needs its own unique letter of identification. Whatever letter is
chosen it will be out of the logical sequence. One that Petrie did not use was
H, and that is the one we have selected.

Link pictures :
Stela H, noted for the first time in April 2006

Stela H, with the remains of the statue. The original carved surfaces of panel and statue do not survive.

The site of Stela H is not currently open to visitors

Source :
The Amarna Project And Amarna Trust Newsletter

Link : http://www.amarnaproject.com/images/downloadable_resources/horizon%20newsletter.pdf
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Queen of Egypt
Queen of Egypt

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's certainly very interesting Smile
The comments about the rock quality didn't quite prepare me for what the site looked like! No wonder people never either saw or recognized it as a boundary stela.

There must have been some plaster added if they ever inscribed the site. But even the place where the statue would have been attached looks strange. Covered by sand you would expect a bit more of the structure to have survived.

Makes me wonder if the site was ever even finished? They must have realized that this was a very bad site wouldn't they?
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