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Biological Architechture

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Pharaoh Hatshepsut

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:55 pm    Post subject: Biological Architechture Reply with quote

Yeah i know, Biological Architechture? As in the archetechturre is alive?

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Well thats not what it means. The sense of biological archetechture defines to the sense that it is exactly like the human body. In a human body, there are no corners, but joints, in which both ends of the bone go over the other in a sort of weaving fashion, which is how the body heals itself and how it forms in birth.

The entire Magical Egypt movies from John Anthony West is extremely fascinating but my sisters been bugging me about this so i thought id get you guys in on this discussion. In one of the episodes he speaks about biological architechture, and how much more the ancient Egyptians put themselves through to ensure that the temple truly was the embodiement of the god worshipped there. Like the walls, in which the walls have no corners, much like the human body, they are more joint like, weaving into one another. It wouldve been so much more difficult for them to do this.

Then theres the fact of the temple growing as the idealiological Man would have. There is evidence of this in the Temple of Luxor, known as the temple of man. The temple that was first built was the most sacred abviously, work with the most important shrines first. Then moving out. The first construction has all characteristics of a fetus. The next was made to look as though the fetus had grown into an infant. then toddler, and onward to become as it is today, a full-grown man as the god would never age further. If you hold a skeleton sheet in front of a sky view of The temple of men youll notice significant similarities.


This is a good showing and good information about the mathematics that show exactly how eerily similar they are.

So give me a shout, let me know what you think, if you believe it, and why, or if you have an alternitive suggestion for why they would have it like this, im all ears.

Very Happy
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anyone is entitled to have their own opinions, but the link you provide has absolutely nothing to do with serious study about A.E. and A.E. Architecture in general. E.g; I've looked a bit at the blog, in the section about Medinet Habu, they show the pylon off the temple of Edfu. If one even doesn't can't put the right picture to the right post???? Now I would like to explain the A.E. way of temple building, the ideas behind it and even the construction methods, but there have been several posts concerning this subject here on E.D. I suggest, you read them first. When you still have questions, do feel free to ask them.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:04 pm    Post subject: Sacred numbers Reply with quote

If the ancient Egyptians used sacred numbers in their architecture, such as Pi or Phi, there must be a reason to it. Both sacred numbers and the growing patterns of life use the same mathematical proportions. If there was an intention to make a temple occultly look like a man such as the Luxor temple complex, then it wouldn't be mere coincidence.

Looking at the Luxor complex in relation to bodies, we find the bodies of the pharoah's on the other side of the river. There the valley of the kings is located. Making a man in stone as a statue or as a plan/map of a building would possibly have the purpose to have the stone living image of man on the east side of the Nile (the side of life, the east, the horizon of the rising sun). Horus temple of Luxor in the east and the mummified Osirisis pharoahs in the valley of the king west of the Nile. And by dividing east-west there is also a division in north south as Luxor lies roughly south of the valley of the kings geographically seen.

But to many people these views about ancient Egypt are regarded as occult. People rule out certain facts before validating them or opposing them with more logical and rational facts. But ancient Egyptians were not just rational and logical. The worship of the occult was daily business. I think that many people are repulsed by religion and wish to look at Egypt from a purely scientific point of view. It's not done to claim that the words Christ and Herakhty are related and it's not accepted to claim that Maria (Mirium) the mother of Christ is Sirius. Just a mistranslation of m into s.
I belief that to claim that Egypt stands alone in the familytree of world religions is to claim that men did not originate in Africa.

I wanted to write a book on Egypt which would only be scientific, but I found out along the way, that it is the associations and spiritual esoteric meanings that tell us the truth about what they believed. And I belief this extends to everything they did form language to architecture. There was order to rule the land. The order of the gods so to speak. Ancient Egypt was a mixture of spirituality and rationality and in our time there are two groups studying either one or the other and not cooperating to get better results.

But the truth always comes at a price. And Judaism, Islam and Christianity are not waiting for proof of an astronomical inspiration of these belief systems. The followers of these religions have devastated the monuments of ancient Egypt and are responsible for the loss of native belief systems all over the world. It is no wonder that Egypt has become the land of magic. The magic is still there to be understood, but it takes a third eye, an instinct in harmony with scientific research to truly go forth by day and be enlightened with the ancient meaning.
The Great Pyramid of Khnum Khufu is the House (per) of the dead (mut).
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